PHOTO ELEVATE         Low altitude mast and drone aerial photography         

Ground Based Aerial Elevated Mast and drone Photography/Video

Drone Prices


To enable our customers to understand exactly what we offer and how much it will cost.

Photo Elevate price each job on a case-by-case basis.

Each job is unique with a number of variables that will affect the cost.

After discussing the proposed project brief and details with the client, we carry out risk assessments and logistic planning.

 This enables our work to be done safely and efficiently.

With our wide range of mast and drone systems we are able to choose the best platform to provide a cost effective solution.

 We can cater for all our client’s needs.

Contact us for a quotation, you may find it’s a lot cheaper than you expect.


Mast packages

Bronze Package:

Single Mast location.

Any number of elevated photos taken and burned onto CD.

Includes consultation and site visit, plus photo shoot.

Image enhancement carried out for contrast, brightness and colour.

Prints up to any size by separate order. See prices below for extra services.

We will provide you with a bespoke quotation

Silver Package:

Two Mast locations

Any number of elevated photographs taken and burned onto CD. from two different view points.

Photography locations of your choice or we can suggest our professional opinion.

Image enhancement carried out for contrast, brightness and colour.

Prints up to any size by separate order. See prices below.

We will provide you with a bespoke quotation


Gold Package:

Three mast locations.

Any number of elevated photographs taken and 'burned' onto CD from three different view points.

Photography locations of your choice or we can suggest our professional opinion

Image enhancement carried out for contrast, brightness and colour and image cropping and rotation

Up to 2 high definition A4 prints.

Prints up to any size by separate order. See prices below for extra services.

We will provide you with a bespoke quotation

Platinum Package:

The ultimate Photo Elevate Service

Large Properties, Country Estates with grounds, Celebrity Homes, Corporate Events.

Consisting of well presented discreet respectful 2 man camera team for up to 3 days shooting

Unlimited location shots anywhere in UK.

For confidential projects your secrecy protected at all times

Full enhancment of images in Photo Shop Any size framed or canvas prints

All images 'burned' onto CD

We will provide you with a bespoke quotation


Extra services:

  • Additional locations incur a charge of £45

  • We can also quote you for full or half day visits with unlimited locations for events, functions, surveys etc.

  • Half day 4 hours - £ 350 

  • Full day 8 hours -  £ 650

  • If you have a special requirement, please contact us with details of your location, number of setup positions you require and will provide  you         with a bespoke quotation.

  • Prices are based on working up to 25 miles from Tiptree in Essex.

  • Additional costs of 50p per mile, for time and travelling may be incurred for other locations



 Gloss or Matt Photo
 Mounted and framed
 Streched canvas

12 x 8   (A4)


 16 x 12    £38.00   

12 x 10    £42.00

 16 x 12 (A3)


24 x 18    £59.00 

20 x 16    £63.00 

  23 x 16 (A2)


30 x 24    £77.00 

26 x 22    £79.00

Other sizes are available . Please request a price for any specific needs.

                                    Additional high-resolution  prints  of your choice can be provided with a discount on 3 or more. 

                                                           Extra CD-ROMS of your photographs are available for £3.00 each. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Tell your friends, and if they order a Low Altitude Aerial Photo shoot of their property, you will receive cash back of £20.00  Sell several, and your costs could be zero

You may have additional requests or requirements in mind when visited by Photo Elevate and we will be very flexible to accommodate such requests, suggestions, set-ups and discounts for repeated visits. 

Photo Elevate are happy to offer favourable rates for estate agents and local agencies that wish to make regular use of Photo Elevates services. Please contactPhoto Elevate for further details.

How to buy photographs.

We have decided to use Photobox as our facility for providing printed photographs on demand.

This is a simple facility to use. Within Photobox, Photo Elevate have a Pro Gallery

As we make photographs available for purchase, Galleries will be added enabling purchase of prints in various sizes and other items such as jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats, mugs, T shirts, Coasters, Canvas Prints, Keyrings etc.

To visit our commercial space within PhotoboxCLICK HERE


We are a Company, with full Public liability insurance of £1 million pounds. We can obtain extra cover if needed.

Legalities & Contract Information:

Photo elevate seeks to observe privacy and copyright laws at all times. Permissions are obtained for operating on private land, and the photographs obtained must not infringe other individual rights to privacy. When operating on public land, highways or footpaths, local permissions may be required. Proper road signing is provided whilst the mast is in operation in or adjacent to public access areas. The contract entered into between Photo elevate and our customers is usually verbal, but occasionally supported by written confirmations and explanations. Photo elevate will endeavour to fulfil this photographic contract within the limitations of availability, equipment serviceability, weather restrictions, or other limiting factors. We cannot be held liable for failure to execute the task where these or similar restrictions emerge

The Weather Factor:

High Mast operation is limited by rain and wind strength. We can operate the mast without Guy Rope support up to 15 MPH, and with Guy Rope support up to 30 MPH. Photo elevate usually fix Guy Ropes for all situations regardless. For any wind strength greater that these values, High Mast Photography is not possible. However, we will to make every effort provide your photographs at the earliest available time thereafter. The second factor is available light. The ideal operating times are between 10am – 5pm (summer) and 11am – 2pm (winter). A bright day without direct sunlight (thin cloud) is ideal, but sunlight is helpful for ‘modelling’ in some situations. We will advise on the circumstances and only operate to the best situation. Time of day is the third factor – i.e. the direction of the light. The direction that a building faces (south / north / etc) for example may dictate the best operating time – morning or afternoon. Again, our experienced operators will advise.


Payment for our services is usually taken at the time of the photography, as you receive your CD immediately. If print services are also required, we will accept payment at the time of delivery of your finished prints. No credit is given, and payment shall be either cash or cheques (no cards) at the time. Finally, we take pride in our product. We make every effort to secure a high quality photograph in which you can take great pleasure, or effect. It may be that on occasion we will seek permission from you to use your photograph as part of our portfolio, to give as examples to others. This is not mandatory. However, in any event Photo elevate maintain copyright to the photographs, but you the client have unlimited permission to reproduce the photographs as required without reference to Photo elevate.

Locations covered

Photo Elevate is based in Essex we also cover Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, East Anglia, Buckinghamshire, London, And all UK.