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Line Of Sight Surveys (LOSS)
When applying for planning permission for multi-story developments, it is
important to give planning assessors a clear idea of the impact that the
building will have on the surrounding area. Our line of sight surveys provide a
view from each floor of the proposed building. This line of sight form of
the photographic survey has proved very successful in aiding successful planning
applications in greenbelt, protected, and urban areas. We offer different levels
of Panoramic Photography, from 60 degrees panoramic to full real scale 360-degree
panoramic. We also provide Landscape Impact surveys where we take a look at the
visual impact of the proposed building from surrounding areas.
Our LOSS surveys are also used by telecommunication and multi-media companies to
assess the efficiency of new and existing telecommunications masts. Our LOSS
Surveys provide additional photographic data to be added to GIS data to confirm
theoretical design parameters. Our reports also contain other information such
as site details, aerial overview, and access.
Landscape Impact Evaluations (LIE)
To assess the impact of new builds on the surrounding environment we can erect
masts to the apex roof height of the proposed structure. We can then go to
various locations within the area, including local buildings that may be in the
line of sight of the structure. These photographs can be used in the planning
application to visually show the impact on the area, its skyline, and local
buildings. Images can be taken and outsourced to a specialist 3D company that can
render a copy of the building for an even more comprehensive evaluation.
This service is also used for telecommunication masts, roofing restorations,
water towers, and temporary structures. Our reports also contain other
information such as site details, aerial overview, and access.

Line of sight survey mast drone photography Essex

Line of Sight Photography

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