Mast and Drone Aerial Photography Services     


To enable our customers to understand exactly what we offer and how much it will cost.

Photo Elevate price each job on a case-by-case basis.

Each job is unique with a number of variables that will affect the cost.

After discussing the proposed project brief and details with the client, we carry out risk assessments and logistic planning.

 This enables our work to be done safely and efficiently.

With our wide range of mast and drone systems we are able to choose the best platform to provide a cost effective solution.

 We can cater for all our client's needs.

Contact us for a quotation, you may find it's a lot cheaper than you expect.

If we are approached by a client with an interesting project or a good worthy cause.

Sometimes we are looking for Kudos rather than profit.

On these occasions we do undertake photography projects free of charge.

All we ask is the client contributes towards, reasonable expenses incurred, to carry out the work.

Platinum Package:

The ultimate Photo Elevate Service

Large Properties, Country Estates with grounds, Celebrity Homes, Corporate Events.

Consisting of well presented discreet respectful 2 man camera team for up to 3 days shooting

Unlimited location shots anywhere in UK.

For confidential projects your secrecy protected at all times

Full enhancment of images in Photo Shop Any size framed or canvas prints

All images 'burned' onto CD

We will provide you with a bespoke quotation

Extra services:

  • We can also quote you for full or half day visits with unlimited locations for events, functions, surveys etc.

  • Half day 4 hours

  • Full day 8 hours

  • If you have a special requirement, please contact us with details of your location, number of setup positions you require and will provide  you         with a bespoke quotation.

  • Prices are based on working up to 25 miles from Tiptree in Essex.

  • Additional costs of 50p per mile, for time and travelling may be incurred for other locations



 Gloss or Matt Photo
 Mounted and framed
 Streched canvas

12 x 8   (A4)


 16 x 12    £38.00   

12 x 10    £42.00

 16 x 12 (A3)


24 x 18    £59.00 

20 x 16    £63.00 

  23 x 16 (A2)


30 x 24    £77.00 

26 x 22    £79.00

Other sizes are available . Please request a price for any specific needs.

                                    Additional high-resolution  prints  of your choice can be provided with a discount on 3 or more. 

                                                           Extra CD-ROMS of your photographs are available for £3.00 each. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Tell your friends, and if they order a Low Altitude Aerial Photo shoot of their property, you will receive cash back of £20.00  Sell several, and your costs could be zero

You may have additional requests or requirements in mind when visited by Photo Elevate and we will be very flexible to accommodate such requests, suggestions, set-ups and discounts for repeated visits. 

Photo Elevate are happy to offer favourable rates for estate agents and local agencies that wish to make regular use of Photo Elevates services. Please contactPhoto Elevate for further details.

How to buy photographs.

We have decided to use Photobox as our facility for providing printed photographs on demand.

This is a simple facility to use. Within Photobox, Photo Elevate have a Pro Gallery

As we make photographs available for purchase, Galleries will be added enabling purchase of prints in various sizes and other items such as jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats, mugs, T shirts, Coasters, Canvas Prints, Keyrings etc.

To visit our commercial space within PhotoboxCLICK HERE


We are a Company, with full Public liability insurance of £1 million pounds. We can obtain extra cover if needed.

Terms and Conditions:

An order, confirming proposed date(s) of site visit(s), number of setup positions and any other specific requirements, will be agreed prior to services being carried out by Photo Elevate. Details regarding site access property position and other factors, which may have a bearing on aerial photography, will be discussed at this time.

The contract entered into between Photo Elevate and our customers can occasionally be verbal, but usually supported by written confirmations and explanations. Photo Elevate will endeavour to fulfil this photographic contract within the limitations of availability, equipment serviceability, weather restrictions, or other limiting factors. We cannot be held liable for failure to execute the task where these or similar restrictions emerge.

Digital Manipulation


All digital images usually require some standard alteration in relation to toning, colouring and sharpening, prior to printing. This work is carried out free of charge.

Photo Elevate is able to offer additional digital manipulation services if required. Including removal of background objects, altering the colour of the sky, grass, panoramic stitching of images etc. If such work is required this will be subject to an additional charge to be agreed.

NB: photographs, which will be used to sell or market property, should not be altered in any way that may misrepresent the property concerned. If digital manipulation of images is requested Photo Elevate cannot be held liable for any misrepresentation that may occur if these photographs are subsequently used for such purposes.




The agreed order will detail the cost of services to be provided by Photo Elevate and will be based on specific requirements of the client. e.g. Number of site locations, additional mileage travelled etc.

NB: should agreed orders subsequently change, Photo Elevate reserves the right to charge for additional services provided / time occurred.

VAT may be charged at the prevailing rate if applicable at time of invoicing.


Payment Terms


Full payment is due on presentation of Photo Elevates invoice, which will be delivered with the final images, unless otherwise agreed.

Photo Elevate reserves the right to charge interest at the prevailing bank base rate +4% if payments not made within 30 days of date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed.


Delivery of completed images


All goods will be delivered in the format agreed with the client at the time of ordering, as soon as possible after completion of shoot. If digital manipulation is required this may take longer.

Where possible all deadlines agreed at the time of the order will be met, unless notified otherwise (see note below on weather conditions).



Photo elevate seeks to observe privacy and copyright laws at all times. Permissions are obtained for operating on private land, also where parking restrictions are in place, or where a site is close to a sensitive area (military, government building, school, airport for example). The photographs obtained must not infringe other individual rights to privacy. When operating on public land, highways or footpaths, local permissions may be required. Proper signage is provided whilst the equipment is in operation in or adjacent to public access areas.   

The client will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions for aerial photography to take place. Failure to do so may result in photography not being possible and a charge for travel time and costs incurred may be charged.


Weather conditions


In order to operate safely and within the limits of the equipment, from time to time extreme weather conditions may preclude aerial photography from taking place. In such circumstances Photo Elevate will contact the client and arrange to take the photographs as soon as possible after the agreed original date.

Photo Elevate cannot be held responsible for missed deadlines due to the weather. Should work be terminated by a change in the weather, Photo Elevate will arrange a further site visit free of charge, to carry out the completion of the work.




In all cases, unless specially negotiated otherwise, copyright of images taken as part of a commission will remain with Photo Elevate. Commissioned images will be supplied with either personal or corporate reproduction rights and this will be agreed at the time of ordering.

Personal reproduction rights allow copying of images by the client that has commissioned them. The client may use these images for personal purposes only. Personal reproduction rights do not allow the use of images for corporate advertising, marketing or publicity in any way. Images with personal reproduction rights must not be placed on websites or on any other form of electronic media. Should the client subsequently wish to use the images for this purpose, written permission must be obtained from Photo Elevate.


Corporate reproduction rights allow photographs to be reproduced by the client that has commissioned the images. These images may be used by the client in their own promotional material, for marketing purposes, advertising, internet / intranet sites etc.

In all cases, images may not be sold or passed to a third party without the permission of Photo Elevate. If a request is made, Photo Elevate reserves the right to charge a fee for use of the images by a third party.


Image usage


Photo Elevate will not accept any liability should commissioned images be used in a defamatory manner by the commissioner. Photo Elevate reserves the right to object to photographs being used in a manner that distorts, mutilates or is otherwise damaging to the business reputation.


Unless specifically stated by the client in writing, Photo Elevate reserves the right to use the commissioned images in promotional material relating to the business. In addition Photo Elevate reserves the right to make the images available for sale to a third party, unless specifically stated otherwise in writing by the client at the time of the commission being ordered.

Locations covered:

Photo Elevate is based in Essex we also cover Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, East Anglia, Buckinghamshire, London, And all UK.