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Applications for our services

Residential Estate Agents                      To enhance and make a visual impact when selling prestige properties.   

Commercial Agents                                  To show the full potential of any industrial properties and land.   

Private Commissions                              As a framed gift for a friend, relative or colleague of their property.

Land Developers                                       Showing the full extent of any acquired land or development. 

Construction Companies                       Site progress pictures taken during construction development.

Insurance Companies                             High level pictures of external property damage or devastation

Architects                                                    Pictures showing land boundaries and areas for construction    

Advertising Agencies                                     High level pictures of events for brochure advertising 

Media Companies                                           Pictures for brochure, film or TV advertising. 

News Agencies                                               Event pictures for editorial news programmes

Archaeological Surveys                                 For archaeological digs to provide high level site detail 

Boundary Disputes                                        To provide solicitors with photographic detail from a high level perspective 

Roof-building Surveys                                   Providing Surveyors with photographic insight to condition of roofs, chimneys etc.
Postcards                                                        High level perspective images of landmarks for flyers or postcards.

Calendars                                                        Themed high level pictures for the high impact calendars.

Posters                                                            Poster displaying annual events with high level pictures

Brochures                                                       Pictures of any topic where high level images provide an added impact.

Theme Parks                                                  High level views of theme park rides and attractions to give a different perspective.

Historic Buildings                                          Providing another angle of view for perhaps brochures or advertising leaflets

Stately Homes                                                Getting another perspective view of a prestige property.

Builders                                                           High level pictures taken at intervals during construction for portfolio.

Development Companies                              Providing detailed images during construction progress.

Landscape Designers                                    Giving an overall impression of a landscaped garden or feature.

Airports                                                           Providing images of aircraft and facilities for advertising or promotions.

Telecom                                                           Giving an insight from high level for possible cable routing and mast locations etc.

Structural Engineers                                      Providing time lapse images or ground plan images for design needs.

Schools & Colleges                                       High level images and video of functions, events or outdoor activities.

Social Events & Concerts                             Outdoor summer events and concerts giving high level overviews.

Festivals                                                         Music festivals events providing high level high impact images and video.

Weddings                                                        Providing a different perspective on the day of surroundings and people attending.

Marinas                                                           Aerial images showing boats and docks which otherwise may not be captured easily.

Railways                                                         Getting a different angle of view of station surrounds, platform or track structure.

Caravan Parks                                               Providing a visual impact to the surrounds and park facilities.

Local Authorities                                           Helpful images for planning disputes or new developments.

Traffic & Road Surveys                                 Gaining a high level view of changing traffic situations.

Conservation                                                  Showing high level views of conservation areas or sanctuaries.

Agriculture                                                      Farm sales, implement sales or land visualisation and crop health mapping.

Auctioneers & Valuers                                   High level views of properties for sale or auction. 

Corporate Events                                           High level pictures and video of company shows or events 

Field Study                                                      Photographs taken during different seasons of the year showing change

Golf Clubs                                                       High level views of golf course, club house and facilities.

Production Companies                                  Aerial views to be used in TV advertising or news events.

Map Makers                                                    Images for interactive views from PC based map systems.

Marketing Companies                                    Views to be used for content in marketing brochures or leaflets. 

Hotel Chains & Pubs                                     High impact views of hotels or pubs for internet or brochure advertising

Sporting Events                                             Different perspective views of football, rugby or motor racing events.

Nature & Wildlife                                            High level views of bird sanctuaries or wildlife parks 

Crowd Control                                               Giving high level views of crowd displacement at events.

Surveillance                                                   Ability to provide a temporary security surveillance solution when required.

Police Authorities                                         To provide high level images of road accident situations. 

          This is just a small selection of applications for our low altitude aerial photography service and we welcome any further suggestions.

Photo Elevate is based in Essex we also cover Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, East Anglia, and all UK.