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Cranes working for construction site progress

Our drone services and technology are revolutionizing the construction industry.


Our drone photo, video and mapping services are helping construction companies differentiate their business, work more efficiently and improve safety on job sites across the country.


Construction site drones are a cost-effective tool that allows contractors to efficiently manage the construction process. Aerial imaging provides accurate information and keeps timelines on schedule, all while staying within budget.


Construction site drone photography is an efficient, effective way for contractors and land developers to keep their budgets in check as they move from the planning phase through to the completion stage of projects by providing detailed images from above throughout every step along the way. Whether it's assessing building materials or capturing progress photos before major milestones such as foundation pour so everyone knows what still needs to be done when checking plans against reality after work hours end each day. Aerial imagery makes communication more precise between project managers with different responsibilities who can't always be together during actual construction because this type of technology doesn't require direct attendance on site. 


Whether the project is an industrial refinery, commercial real estate complex, highway development or residential housing project, our aerial photography and video services will capture every angle of your project and integrate a variety of technologies that can be used for the following:

These are the go-to solutions for all of our clients. These photos help document all phases of construction over time. This keeps all stakeholders, investors, owners, GC’s, subs, clients, banks, insurance companies and municipalities updated. Our clients typically have us fly their sites multiple times per month. 
These photos are captured at various altitudes and elevations around the entire site. Even though the drone captures high-quality photos, our team edits each to make sure they look spectacular.
With our automated photo report, we capture photos from the same locations on every single flight. This way you and your stakeholders have a consistent pdf report to share. This is a fantastic way to WOW your current customers and impresses future ones. 

These videos show the progress of your construction site over time as well as being a great tool to use in all of your marketing and social media posts.
Keep every one of your stakeholders up to date with these gorgeous videos and images.
Over time, we are able to create a time-lapse video showing off how your site changes each month

We utilize the latest drone mapping technologies to keep all stakeholders up to date on what is happening on the site. Unlike Google Earth maps which pixelate when you zoom in and may not have been updated for months, our 2D maps give your team an extremely detailed view of the site. These maps are game changers and a definite favourite of our Project Manager. Information is power!   

Once the roof goes up on your project, our team offers various services to capture the inside of your building. We can do something as simple as having the drone fly through the sites, to delivering you much more detail and doing a complete walkthrough with our 360-degree cameras. Both methods help you document and share the interior of your space.

Do You Have A Project We Can Help With?

Drone Photography for Dredging Projects
In addition to construction drone services, we also work with local governments and private contractors for dredging and coastal erosion projects prior to land restoration and real estate development to provide critical data in less time.


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