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Residential Property

Photo Elevate know how important it is to make that first impression on potential buyers. That is why we do everything we can to work with our estate agent clients to provide the best possible aerial images with which to market their properties. 


The unique nature of our equipment means we can offer a high-quality service at very reasonable prices. Images are taken from the ground upwards using a computer-controlled digital camera attached to the top of a telescopic mast, or professional drones. 

The mast can be deployed in almost all suitable ground locations. The drone can fly from any location and up to 400ft in height. 



What is the point of a good location when potential buyers can't appreciate it?

With an aerial photograph, you would be able to present any property with all its surroundings and show remarkable features. such as attractive landscaped gardens, water features, swimming pools, tennis courts, stable blocks, outbuildings etc. 

With just one stunning photo.


The saying a ‘picture paints one thousand words is very true, and Photo Elevate provides the solution to the saying. 


For a property to appeal to a potential buyer before they have even visited the location. 

The picture that accompanies the sales literature must have 

 ‘crucial impact’


Commercial Property

Show commercial property (industrial estates, retail parks or offices) at its very best. 

By providing high quality digital aerial photographs for sales particulars and brochures.

Images from our telescopic mast or drone can emphasise the setting of the property and also highlight important features such as loading bays, car parking, amenity areas and landscaping.

Property sold after using Photo Elevate's service


Due to the restrictions of ground-based photography Estate Agents have always found it difficult to successfully market properties that are large, in picturesque surroundings or hidden behind foliage, walls or other buildings. With the help of Photo Elevate, this is no longer a problem


We ensure unsightly rooftops do not dominate the picture, allowing the more attractive elevations of the property to become the main focus of the photograph.


Further positive benefits include:


We are much cheaper and safer than a plane or helicopter


Our system is true aerial photography as we can fly around the property and grounds and obtain multiple shots from many aspects.


The client can view the live images via our downlink on a laptop screen, and can be involved in taking the exact image they want.


Requires very little space to take off and land and can be very quickly set up and in the air.


Our high definition images can be with you the following day. ready for inclusion into the property brochure.


Photography that can aid in planning applications


Digital enhancements such as boundary lines, text, even blue skies can be added.


Fast, reliable service from a friendly and professional team.


Cost-effective marketing tool to help sell your house quicker.


Estate Agents - we do special prices for multiple property shoots in specific areas,



Not only will this help sell the property quicker, but it will also bring vendors of other homes to your agency who want to benefit from your high level of service.


We are well aware that there are many deadlines involved with residential and commercial property sales and we will do everything possible to get the pictures taken to suit your timescale.


Our Photography service offers a complete marketing solution for all your needs. We can also provide the ground level and internal photography, floor plans, 360 panoramas and photographic enhancement if required.


Please note. Photographs that are to be used to present a property for sale must comply with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, otherwise known as CPRs. As such we can remove for sale signs and temporary objects, but we cannot touch up the appearance of the property, nor remove unsightly objects from either the property or the surrounding environment.


We would welcome the opportunity to visit your office to discuss the service further.



To find out more information on how we can help you attract potential buyers in a distinctive way please contact us.

Estate Agent Marketing Photography

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